Aki is the founder and creative director of office ma. He is an entrepreneur, conceptual thinker, urbanist, sculptor, landscape designer, artist and cultural hybrid of Japanese x American. As the firm name suggests, Aki’s work is focused on the discovery of ma, “the void with unlimited opportunities,” in all things. His current work has involved conceptualization of real estate development, urban design and planning, landscape architecture and art direction focused primarily within Asia.

Aki has more than 20 years of professional experience and a considerable body of built work, having previously worked with one of the world’s largest multidisciplinary firms, as well as small and medium-sized boutique practices, making him keenly aware of the values embodied in each. His passion for all stages of the design process has lead him to create a new kind of firm that is both concentrated and boundless, where he can devote his time and talent fully to projects and clients, and apply his unique cultural fusion perspective with unbridled enthusiasm for beauty, simplicity, detail... ma.




Steve re-joins his long time friend, business associate and design collaborator Aki Omi in this highly creative and beneficial endeavor office ma. The two have spent much of their careers together with many successful high profile and award-winning built projects to show for their teamwork. Steve has more than 25 years of professional experience and a considerable body of built work in the U.S. and Asia, having previously worked with one of the design world’s hottest small firms in the 1990s, where he and Aki first met, followed by 10 years leading the landscape design studio for the world’s largest multidisciplinary firm throughout the 2000s. His passion for place is apparent in his design work, his writing and mentoring.